Too Optimistic?

Do I dare say I may have been a little too optimistic? I really thought we were in the clear with this bathroom reno? Oh my, oh my! So, these little turkeys were enjoying their bath tonight. Anders having fun drinking from the faucet, and Bjorn, upset because Anders is in his way! Typical brotherly love here! Bjorn decided he needed to take a shower so I quickly got Anders out and turned the water on for the shower when, all of a sudden, water starts spewing out from the handle. Not just a trickle people, like gallons! Next thing, I’m screaming at Jonas, “Turn the water off!” and thinking to myself while trying not to cry, “Please not another flood!” Apparently, we need MORE drama in our life! Deep Breath! Deep Breath! My anxiety level was slightly elevated by this point.


So, after coming home from work completely exhausted and seeing over 20, very difficult, energy zapping patients, this guy gets to work on the bathroom! AGAIN! He, however, stays calm, while I try not to completely lose it. Trying to be a “good” mom, I get the kiddo’s in their jammies and read them a few stories. By this time It is nearly 8 o’clock and I get the kids tucked into bed while Jonas decides he has to get a new part for the faucet so he runs to Home Depot. The next hour consists of us going back and forth, turning the water on and off. Yelling/screaming down the hall “Turn the water on!” and “Turn it off!” And let me just say, we were yelling! Our bathroom is on one side of the house and the water valve is on the other side of the house in the basement! Amazingly, the kids all fell asleep within minutes despite all of the chaos!


On a side note, in the midst of all this, Autzen (the puppy), decided he needed to pee on a rug in the laundry room even though he just went outside. I threw the rug in the washer and like a complete idiot, put soap on my hands to wash them. Oh. My. Word. Did I seriously just put soap on my hands? Good thing for baby wipes! Ahhh, super frustrated here! At least the puppy is cute or he may have ended up at the pound! (Joking!)


Well, Jonas thought he had everything fixed and then tried to turn the shower on and the pressure was just too much! Again, gallons of water spewing from the faucet. So, because sometimes you just don’t care, we are taking a break for the night. No water ’til the morning.


3 thoughts on “Too Optimistic?

  1. Ohhhhh Jessica 😦 Sorry your having to endure this all but God wouldn’t give you more than you can handle so apparently God thinks VERY highly of you with ALL your daily “fun”!! Haha Haha You guys are so funny… I LOVE IT ALL!!

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