Sneak Peak

I am super excited because I have been working on our fireplace this week and it is almost done! Woo hoo! The job is a tedious one as the rock has a lot of nooks and crannies and edges to paint. And…this was the second time we painted it! The first time we had painted it before our carpet was installed. Since we didn’t actually have a carpet sample in hand, the colors were off and I’m too OCD to overlook it. So, I bit the bullet and did it again. I actually had done most of the painting a couple months ago but was procrastinating on doing all of the edges. I finally got up the energy to do it and now we are just about ready to show you the finished product! Just a reminder, here is the before picture (sorry I don’t have a close up):


And here is a sneak peak of the transformation:


Can’t wait to show you it all finished! I’ll give all the details at that time!

On another exciting note, this dandy came today:


That right there is our vanity for the main bathroom! It’s only 300 pounds so it will be super fun getting it from our driveway, down our long hallway, and into the bathroom! Jonas thought I could help him (he thinks so highly of me!), but he will be getting some guy to help him move it on Sunday. I may have to coerce them with pizza! Stay tuned! Exciting things are to come!


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