An “Oodle” Bit

It was time to take a break from our house renovation for a weekend. While we don’t work every weekend on our house, most are filled with multiple tasks on our never ending to-do list. This weekend though, we were heading to our cabin with the family to celebrate the 4th of July. It had been over 100 degrees for a week or so where we live and we were looking forward to an escape from the heat. Jonas, myself, and the kids got up to the cabin early Friday afternoon before his parents and brothers and families came up. Ahhh, it was so peaceful hearing the birds chirp, swinging in a hammock with my boys, and looking out onto the lake.

Then, the phone rang. We had literally been there about 5 minutes when Jonas’ phone rang and it was the hospital. Surprise! He was on call this weekend! Since he had just been on call the weekend before, he was caught off guard. Newbie! Got stuck with the holiday and didn’t bother checking his schedule since it’s always the same. We held our breath and hoped for the best. Saturday was filled up with kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, bikes, motorcycles, and lots of cousin time for the kiddos. Then midnight hit and that dreaded call came! Lucky for Jonas, he didn’t have to go in until the morning which let us get a full nights sleep, however it did cut our weekend short.

Now, getting home by 8:30 in the morning may seem like a bad thing when you are supposed to be playing on the water, but we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and get some more work done around the house. We have a linen closet in the main bath that has been staring at me since we moved in, saying “Paint me!”. So, after procrastinating for nearly a year, I did it. I will spare you the picture. It’s painted white and looks so fresh from the gross 1970’s dark brown wood which was apparently very popular back then. Jonas also made himself useful, (even without me nagging!). Woo hoo! He finished the bathroom floor tile and trim which makes it look so polished. I see numerous hours, however, filling nail holes, caulking, and painting the trim, which is a little daunting to me as it will be my job! We still haven’t gotten our vanity or vanity lighting but it already is looking so much different. Once we get lighting in the first part of the bathroom it will be much brighter and I will get more detailed pictures up.

wpid-20150621_144727.jpg             wpid-2015-07-05-13.32.22.jpg.jpeg

I’m so glad that it’s almost a fully functional bathroom again! While the circumstances of this weekend were not ideal, in the words of my 3 year old Anders, we had an “oodle” (little) bit of fun this weekend and we got an “oodle” bit of work done. The best of both worlds I suppose!




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