Toothpaste, toilets, and two year olds

We woke up one Sunday morning not too long ago with two inches of water in our main bathroom and down the hallway. Frantically trying to salvage what we could, we started ripping up the hardwood floor that Jonas had JUST finished laying the week before. We were quite regretting our house purchase at this point and wondering what else would go wrong while renovating this house.  Immediately, we called in O So Clean and they showed up within 30 minutes. This was somewhat nice, actually, because O So Clean did the floor demolition of the bathroom for us. They ripped out that pretty orange carpet which had even prettier linoleum under it. Boo, I didn’t take a picture of that!

photo3 (4) photo4 (3)


So after we had fixed the flood problem, I was scraping the wallpaper border off (click here for how-to) and Jonas came in to tell me there was sewage coming up in the unfinished part of the basement! Gross! Well, we then had our septic system pumped and they found a lovely tube of Tom’s of Maine kids Strawberry toothpaste blocking the pipe. Apparently, this cute little kiddo thought it needed to be flushed down the toilet! Kids seem to cost a lot of money these days!




We somewhat breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was our kid who caused the flood and not a major undetected house problem missed during inspection.





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