Too Optimistic?

Do I dare say I may have been a little too optimistic? I really thought we were in the clear with this bathroom reno? Oh my, oh my! So, these little turkeys were enjoying their bath tonight. Anders having fun drinking from the faucet, and Bjorn, upset because Anders is in his way! Typical brotherly … More Too Optimistic?


Another long day! Apparently, I am a horrible painter because I can’t seem to paint without getting it all over me. The bathroom ceiling is what I was blessed with painting today and I am glad it’s done. Not too fun looking up, hours on end, with your neck and arm cramping, but hey, what … More Progress

Sneak Peak

I am super excited because I have been working on our fireplace this week and it is almost done! Woo hoo! The job is a tedious one as the rock has a lot of nooks and crannies and edges to paint. And…this was the second time we painted it! The first time we had painted … More Sneak Peak

An “Oodle” Bit

It was time to take a break from our house renovation for a weekend. While we don’t work every weekend on our house, most are filled with multiple tasks on our never ending to-do list. This weekend though, we were heading to our cabin with the family to celebrate the 4th of July. It had been over … More An “Oodle” Bit

What a handyman!

This hunk is a super dad/husband. Not only does he work full time, play with the kids, work on the yard, and a million other things, but he comes home from work and works on our house too! Today is his birthday and our 9 year anniversary (didn’t want him to forget). .  Jonas is really … More What a handyman!

Home at Last

After 8 years and 4 states, it’s good to be in one place for a while. Knowing we would be moving to Oregon after my husband, Jonas, finished his medical residency, we went ahead and bought a nice half acre lot to build on. We were pretty excited about building, especially since we were designing … More Home at Last